Building your workspace

The simple steps below will guide you to build your workspace ready for ANKOS Project development. If you have any doubt visit our forum.

Step 1 - Configuring the Eclipse IDE

We have in our svn a pre-configured eclipse project. So, if don't have the Eclipse IDE, download it now please! Moreover, we recommend you getting the WTP(Web Toosl Platform) plugin and Subclipse plugin working in your eclipse installation. You can find the WTP plugin at Find and Install eclipse menu. And the Subclipse(a plugin for SVN) you can find at

Step 2 - Getting and configuring the project

Since you have the Eclipse IDE pre-configured, now you can get the project at SVN directly from Eclipse. At Eclipse IDE go to New -> Project -> Checkout project from SVN and insert this url: Now you only need to finalize this step and wait the project download finish.

Configuring the libraries and build path

The ANKOS eclipse project comes with all needed libraries, that can be found at WebConten/WEB-INF/lib. So, go to project properties and add this libraries to build path. Moreover, set the compilation target path to WebContent/WEB-INF/classes.

Step 3 - Installing MySQL

The ANKOS original dbms is MySQL. So, you need to install it (click here to download). At ANKOS SVN, in products/docs/design, you can find the sql script for database tables creation and some data population. Note that before running these scripts you must create a database named "ankos".

If you are familiar with mysql command line execute the following commands to get the database done:

mysql> create database ankos;
mysql> source ANKOS-CriacaoTabelas.sql;
mysql> source ANKOS-CargaTabelas.sql;

The database user must be "root" and the password "". If you need something diferent, go to hibernate file config at eclipse ANKOS project and configure it.

Step 3 - Installing the Apache Tomcat

At this point you must have the ANKOS eclipse project configured in your eclipse installation and ready for development. But, to run the ANKOS web application, you must install the Tomcat webserver, witch you can download here. To install Tomcat you only need decompress the downloaded file.

Step 4 - Deploying the ANKOS application in Tomcat web server

To run the ANKOS web application in tomcat you need to deploy the application into tomcat webapps folder. So, copy the entire WebContent folder from ANKOS eclipse project to webapps folder at tomcat installation and rename it to ankos.

Ste 5 - Running

Now go to bin/ folder in tomcat installation directory, and run the startup[.sh | .bat]. Open your preferred web browser and put this url: http://localhost:8080/ankos/.